Be YOU-nique!

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While I work on several projects (many of which I will let you know about soon), I thought I’d share an article ‘from the archives’. This is one I wrote around 2002, and hopefully the message is timeless enough that you can benefit from it.

I’ve done a lot of writing, including several articles that have been wildly-acclaimed in the Internet Marketing field as well as in the Personal Development industry. This is probably THE ‘signature article’ in my history of article-writing, and has been read by literally millions of folks just like you, all around the globe.



Be You-nique!

By Bryan Hall
One thing to always remember: “Bad association spoils useful habits.”

In other words, surround yourself with positive-minded, caring, loving, and giving people, whether in your friendships, love relationships, or family. The more you surround yourself with the energies of love and positive-thinking people, the more you enhance your own spirit, thoughts – energies – and the more you draw to your life what you are meant to be, do, and have.

Focusing on your spiritual growth is one of the most incredibly life-affecting things you can do in your life. If all you do is follow everyone else, you’ll end up LIKE everyone else. Learn to trust in your self – your Divine, inner, intuitive guidance – always giving of yourself – your love, your time, your compassion – from that space deep within.

Be “you-nique”.

By simply trying to do what everyone else is doing, following what everyone else is following, you become stagnant in your personal and spiritual growth. Put YOU into whatever you do, from business to personal relationships to … anything and everything!

Find peace and the life-force of love by taking the time to go within, listen to Divine guidance – your intuition – and act upon it. Follow your intuition as much as possible in your life. Learn to ask for what you want, and – more importantly – focus your time and energies on giving of yourself, from your heart, to anyone you can possibly touch in this lifetime.

The “secrets” to a most successful life are already within you. All you have to do is extend your hand, and go within yourself as deeply as you can, and learn how to ask for what you want from the overflowing abundance of the Universe. Find clarity in what you truly desire – know precisely what you want, why you want it, and how it would FEEL to have it, be it, do it.

No matter what is going on in your life at any given moment, when someone needs your love and positive energy, take the time – right now – to give it to them … unconditionally. And do so without ever expecting anything from them in return. The Universe – your Higher Power – WILL return that loving and giving to you. At the same time, you set yourself apart from the crowd … you show others how much you care. Who do you know that doesn’t want or need that – right?

Love with all your might, and give with all your strength to anyone you touch, to anyone along your path in life … at any cost. As the Universe provides an endless, eternal abundance of prosperity, peace, love, and light in our lives, you can always be at peace and rest assured that what you give WILL be given back as you need it and exactly (only) when you need it.

Eliminate the concepts and attention to emotions of fear, failure, and lack from your life by transforming yourself through spirit and shifting your perspectives. Realize, simply, that everything happens for a reason at the right time and for the right reasons … and there is no need for fear. There is no need for “mistakes” when simply seeing the other side of the coin will show you the positive lessons in your experiences. Learn to turn that coin over to the other side and realize the lessons in whatever you experience.

What you allow yourself to focus on, amplifies. What you act upon ripples out and affects far more people than you may ever imagine. What you think about creates your reality. And what you “send out”, you receive back … ten-fold … the “good”, and the “bad”.

Learn, also, that everything in life involves, gets down to, affects, has to do with, and provides an opportunity to grow in LOVE. And, there are two very important aspects to consider about Love: 1) The more you give, the more you get, and 2) Everyone you know, everyone you don’t know, every one of us on this path we know as “life” wants and needs that Love. It IS the life-force energy connecting us all as one.

Seek for the answers you need from that calm, quiet place deep within, and share those answers – that love and enrichment in your life – with those who want and accept it for their own benefits. Allow your life to flow with the life-force energy of Love, for Love is eternal and all-encompassing.

Live, give, and love from the depths of your eternal soul. Be “you-nique”!

A Few Exercises to Practice …

In order to actually LIVE these ideas, beliefs, and philosophies – and to succeed in your life by doing so – you MUST put the ball in motion. And you have to be willing to take that single, small, incredibly-impacting step of allowing your life to flow as it’s meant to … in peace. In order to do that, you have to learn to uncover and awaken to who you truly – “YOU-niquely” – are.

So, how do you do that?

1) Meditate or pray daily. It is vitally important, in my opinion, to take time on a daily basis, to align yourself spiritually, and to give thanks for the blessings you have in your life, as well as to be thankful for the blessings which lie ahead on your path.

I write about this more in-depth in my ebook, but, a perfect time to engage in “quiet time” is during your daily bathing. Although, prayer or meditation – aligning with and “allowing in” that incredible energy and abundance from the Divine, with complete, relaxed focus – is something you can do almost any time, anywhere. Try simple breathing exercises as you say a few thankful, love-filled words in prayer, devoting those breaths as the very breath of life itself, entering you, filling you, and flowing from you, as well, and you will find greater balance within yourself.

2) Pay attention to your thoughts, your body language, and the words you speak more often. Are you thinking something positive, or something negative? Does your body reflect compassion, love, positive mental attitude, and peacefulness … or distraught, depression, anger, FEAR, etc?

The more you pay conscious attention to what you’re thinking, saying, and projecting to the world around you, the greater control you gain over those things, and the more you can affect them in positive ways. You can virtually transform your life by changing your thoughts, physiology, and the words you speak.

What are you thinking? Is it loving and positive? Is it kind and compassionate? Is it serving a positive purpose for those around you? Think about it, change it, and watch your life transform.

3) Get absolutely clear about what it is you want to be, do, and have. Write it down. Write down what you DON’T want in your life, and write down what you DO want in your life. You might even keep a daily journal, recording your thoughts, desires, and dreams. And remember to write down how thankful you are for what you already have.

”What if you don’t think you have much,” you ask?

You’re breathing, aren’t you? Your heart is beating, isn’t it? Most likely, you have far more than you realize in the “blessings” department. Be thankful for those blessings; they are gifts of pure Love from your Higher Power.

As you find clarity about what you want to do, be, or have, pray or meditate upon it. Allow your self to feel – REALLY FEEL – and experience having it, doing it, being it. Trust, with complete faith and confidence, that whatever it is, it’s already yours … bring it into your reality, with ZERO doubts or questions that it IS coming to you.

Then, let it go. Don’t worry about it. Just follow your intuition – that “still, small voice within” – and KNOW that what you want to be, do, or have will be brought to you … as it will be, by the will of God (“Higher Power”, “Universe”, etc).

Seek for the answers you need from that calm, quiet place deep within, and share those answers – that love and enrichment in your life – with those who want and accept it for their own benefits. Allow your life to flow with the life-force energy of Love, for Love is eternal and all-encompassing.

Live, give, and love from the depths of your eternal soul.

Be “you-nique”!

Author’s Bio:

Bryan Hall is an Author, Life Success Coach, ‘Spiritual Electrician’, and Motivational Expert. For information about his widely-acclaimed ebook, Peak Performance … Peak LIFE, his coaching services, and more, visit Bryan’s site at

Our Ultimate Freedom is …

Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.

~Stephen Covey

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I have EVERYTHING I need to be Happy

I have EVERYTHING I need to be happy … what does that mean to you?

Are you happy with your job, your life, your health, your family? If you answered ‘No’ to any of these, then you may want to rethink your answer after you finish reading this.

What if you woke up this morning and like every other day, you dreaded getting ready to go to work. You dreaded the thought of seeing that boss or co-worker that you don’t especially care for. But you got ready anyway, and went in just as you always do. But today was different …

When you arrived, you found that you no longer have your job. You no longer have the security of that weekly paycheck. You no longer have to get up to go to work. You no longer have to see that co-worker or boss that you always dreaded seeing.

How would you feel?

Would you wish to have your job back?

Would you realize that your boss & co-worker were not so bad after all?

Would you appreciate that you had a job to get up and go to?

Would you appreciate that check that you were receiving every week?

You see, my point is … You have Everything You need to be Happy.  You are where you are, experiencing what you are experiencing in your life in this very moment BECAUSE you are meant to be.

Can you change it, make it better, enjoy a more fulfilling and prosperous and peace-filled life? Of course!

The thing is, many people only realize they had what they needed to be happy, after they lose it. This may be a job, your health, children, a wife, your parents or even your house or car. After losing something that was important in our lives, something that we usually take for granted, we then tend to realize how happy we were to have that in our life.

Being happy and grateful for the things we have in our lives today, shouldn’t take losing them to realize how happy they made us.

When you first awaken in the morning and you take a deep breath in or yawn … that’s the perfect time to be happy. Happy that you are breathing and that your lungs are working. How about when you get out of your bed, are you happy that your legs, arms and hands are there to assist you?

What about when you grab your morning beverage? Have you ever stopped to realize that without electricity (or some other blessing in your life), that would not be possible?

We have EVERYTHING we need to be Happy right in this very moment.

Have you ever had a really bad cold or illness and wished that you were healthy again? Sometimes it takes losing what we had such as good health, for us to realize that we took being healthy for granted.

Some people are completely healthy, but are not happy. They could have an abundance of financial wealth and an enormous new house, but still be complaining that it’s too small, they need more room, or that it’s too far away from the store. But I bet if they were close to losing their home due to foreclosure or some other circumstance, they would be grateful and happy to be living there again and would think that it is in the perfect location and that it is the perfect size.

Should it take us losing something we love to realize that it had already made us happy just the way it was? What truly makes YOU happy? Do you already have EVERYTHING you need?

Look closely at your life as it may appear a little different now than it was at the beginning of this story.

Be well.

To YOUR Success, In Peace:

Bryan Hall

Releasing & Accepting [Self-Empowerment Exercise]

Pause for as moment as you read this, and take a big, deep breath. Hold it for as long as you possibly can. As you
hold it inside, notice how uncomfortable you begin to feel when you are holding on to something that is meant to be

Now, breath out, completely and hold your breath with your lungs fully emptied. Feel how uncomfortable you feel
when you are resisting taking in something that you need.

Quoted from The Art Of Giving


I began learning long ago that those who are happiest
are those who do the most for others.

~Booker T. Washington