Forgiveness is not …

Forgiveness is not a weakness, 

but instead … a sign of strength.

A strong person is able to see that people make mistakes, and that those mistakes can be forgiven.

A weak person is able to see that same mistake but holds on to the anger, hurt and frustration associated with that mistake. All the while, not knowing that holding on to all those negative emotions, they are only destroying and hurting themselves.

Someone once said … “Forgiveness isn’t a gift we give to someone else, it’s a gift we give ourselves”.

Others don’t need forgiveness nearly as much as you need it for yourself.
Forgiveness is the cure for resentment and anger. It is cleansing to your soul.

If your heart has hardened over someone who has wronged you – or you carry heavy burdens from something that has hurt you.

You can lift the load of heaviness by forgiving.

It can rid you of all those toxic thoughts, feelings and emotions that always seem to flood into your mind.

You are loving yourself by freeing your mind of these negative energies. Negative energy can affect how we transform throughout our daily lives. Letting negative energy find a home in your mind, only leaves less room for positive energy to enter. You then carry more negative energy with you, throughout your day, and negative energy is only attracted to more negative energy.

Are you starting to see why, by forgiving, you are actually helping yourself,  right now in this very moment, which will help you tomorrow and the next day and the next day …

Forgiveness may not make everything perfect, but it will free your heart, your mind, your body & soul.

Who do you need to forgive today?

Thank you, as always, for being here. Be well. Much love!


Bryan Hall Life Success Coach, Author, Motivational Expert, Spiritual Electrician







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spirituality12doneBryan Hall Life Success Coach, Author, Motivational Expert, Spiritual Electrician

Tap Into Your Energy

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Good Vibrations Music #3

Very inspirational! May you be as enlightened and spiritually lifted by this as I was. Togetherness is a beautiful thing! Much love ❤ Be well.

To Be Aware

Hey all,

So although the last “Good Vibrations Music” post was also about “Playing for a change’, I just accidently got to see this great video clip of them, and I thought I have to share it with u 4 3 main reasons:
1) The name of the song is “Good Vibrations”, which makes it a great choice for that page.
2) It was shoot on the street, in almost aמ amateurish way. Some might say that it makes it a low quality video. Well, I really feels that it makes it human, real, and that there is a great perfection in the imperfection.
3) Everyone in that clip are soooo happy. And that makes it just a great Good Vibrations song.


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Gratitude & The Power Within

There is a power within me that is greater than the world.

To ignite the power of the Universe in me, I must be in harmony with Love & Gratitude.

Changing someone’s life with an ‘Act Of Kindness’

What if I told you that you could change someone’s life with just a simple ‘Act Of Kindness’?

What if I told you that you don’t have to donate money, just time, and passion. Would you be interested?

Would you wonder what you could do today to change someone’s life?

What if I told you that I have come up with a list of inexpensive & free ways to make a difference in not only someone else’s life but your own as well? Gifts from the heart … ‘Paying Forward’ for all the beautiful gifts that you have been given in your own life.

A pessimist, they say, sees a glass of water as being half -empty; an optimist sees the same glass as half-full. But a giving person sees a glass of water and starts looking for someone who might be thirsty. 

– G. Donald Gale

Giving of yourself in an unconditional way, can be one of the most gratifying & enlightening things you could ever do for your soul, your self-esteem, your self-awareness and your own happiness.You can even start by giving more right at home with your children, your spouse, or a neighbor. Start today & start small.

Lend a helping hand where you would otherwise think you were
not needed.
 Ask your hubby if he would like your help with whatever he is doing.Help your neighbor with their groceries. Hold the door
for the person behind you.

Give a little extra love today to your children or loved ones. Give them an extra hug & kiss or tell them how special they are to you. Call your mom, dad, sibling or best-friend and tell them how important they are in your life.

Have more patience with whatever or whomever you are working with today. Whether it be a co-worker, boss, or grocery store clerk, share with them some extra patience for their time and effort. Let them know that they are doing a great job.

Give some of your time & unwanted items. Offer to work a shift at a local Salvation Army and donate some unwanted items of your own. Offer to work a shift at a local Soup Kitchen or see if they are in need of any items that you may donate to them such as aprons, utensils etc…

Collaborate2The more you give of yourself, the more great and better things will come your way … 
share your love! There are not many things in this world today that are still free except …  love, kindness, generosity, patience, understanding, gratitude, trust & more love!

Please feel free to share any of these free things as quickly & as much as possible. They are yours for the taking & yours for the giving!         

By giving you are making a difference in someone’s life that can become the difference in your own life.

Winston Churchill once said … 

“We make a living by what we get but we make a lifetime of what we give”.




It allows us to accomplish things far beyond ourselves.

It’s one of the best rewards in life.

It’s a privilege getting to do something bigger than ourselves.

Giving not only makes us feel good, it also makes us stronger (emotionally & physically).

It is what makes us truly human!

Even if you thought it didn’t get any better … just the thoughts about giving & helping others can do things like strengthen your immune system, boost positive emotions, decrease pain, and provide stress relief!

The benefits are endless … what are we waiting for? 

After giving this much thought, I decided to come up with some ideas that we could all use in our daily lives to ‘Pay Forward’ our thanks, love & appreciation to our Divine Creator & to our fellow people, neighbors, friends, relatives & strangers. Please give responsibly …

When standing in line at a store, if you see that someone has fewer items than you, invite them to go ahead of you. You will feel their gratitude towards you and your unselfishness – lovely.

Drop off combs, bars of soap, toothpaste or toothbrushes at your local Food Pantry, Shelter, or Soup Kitchen. All while knowing that you have just given someone something that, until now, they have had to do without.

When entering a building, hold the door for the next person. Enjoy their amazement at your small act of kindness.

When waiting for an appointment, offer the person sitting next to you a compliment. Their smile & delight will awaken both of your souls.

Put a positive message, words of encouragement, or a compliment on a sticky note and put it where your child, friend, co-worker etc … will find it. Watch for their delight when reading your message – priceless!

Gather inexpensive $1 coloring books, crayons & storybooks and take them to your local hospital’s pediatric floor. You may even be able to see some of the smiles on their faces first hand as they are delivered.

Stop to assist someone that has parked in a Handicap Accessible Parking Space at your local store. See if they need help getting their walking assistant out of the car, or a cart from the store etc … Maybe just a smile & a hello is all that is needed.

Add some extra money to the machine next time, after you grab a soda or water to buy the next person’s beverage. Enjoy from a distance their luck & gratefulness in this very moment.

When at the local laundromat, add money to the washing machine next to yours preparing it for the next person’s use -Enjoy!

Offer to carry someone’s groceries. This could be at home at the store or for a neighbor.

Bake & Deliver cookies or bread to a nearby Senior Living Center or Home, a local Fire Dept, or Group Home.

Volunteer to read to children at an after-school program or at your local library.

Pick a flower and give it to someone special.

Donate your used books to your local library or an organization that provides books for children. Include a kind note if you wish.

Offer to babysit for a friend free of charge.

Find something you are good at and make a commitment to use your talent to help at least one person every week. If you love mediating or doing yoga, you could teach someone else how to do & enjoy these as well. Maybe you are great at cooking … offer to help a friend make a great meal for his/her family!

Volunteer yard work or some kind of service to the elderly or disabled in your neighborhood one day every month.

Donate a hand-made or store bought blanket or quilt to a non-profit organization to help the homeless. Here is one that I have found that touched my heart … If you have a favorite charity of your own, please feel free to donate your blanket there.

Next time you are grabbing a coffee, pay for an additional coffee and ask the clerk to give it to the next person.

Offer to return a shopping cart for someone in the parking lot of your store.

Write a letter or email to someone that has inspired you or touched your life in some way. Tell them what they have done and thank them for it from your heart.

These are just a few of the things you can do to spread your love, kindness & generosity to change someone else’s moment, day or even their life! You have the power within yourself to make a difference and you can start now, this very moment. Transform your life into something bigger than yourself!

It only takes one person to show kindness to someone else …  and if that person then ‘Pays It Forward’ … you, my friend, have just started a positive & magnificent ‘chain reaction’ of life and for that I say “Thank you!”

Thank you as always for being here. Much Love! Be well.

Bryan Hall Life Success Coach, Author, Motivational Expert, Spiritual Electrician

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