Forgiveness is not …

Forgiveness is not a weakness, 

but instead … a sign of strength.

A strong person is able to see that people make mistakes, and that those mistakes can be forgiven.

A weak person is able to see that same mistake but holds on to the anger, hurt and frustration associated with that mistake. All the while, not knowing that holding on to all those negative emotions, they are only destroying and hurting themselves.

Someone once said … “Forgiveness isn’t a gift we give to someone else, it’s a gift we give ourselves”.

Others don’t need forgiveness nearly as much as you need it for yourself.
Forgiveness is the cure for resentment and anger. It is cleansing to your soul.

If your heart has hardened over someone who has wronged you – or you carry heavy burdens from something that has hurt you.

You can lift the load of heaviness by forgiving.

It can rid you of all those toxic thoughts, feelings and emotions that always seem to flood into your mind.

You are loving yourself by freeing your mind of these negative energies. Negative energy can affect how we transform throughout our daily lives. Letting negative energy find a home in your mind, only leaves less room for positive energy to enter. You then carry more negative energy with you, throughout your day, and negative energy is only attracted to more negative energy.

Are you starting to see why, by forgiving, you are actually helping yourself,  right now in this very moment, which will help you tomorrow and the next day and the next day …

Forgiveness may not make everything perfect, but it will free your heart, your mind, your body & soul.

Who do you need to forgive today?

Thank you, as always, for being here. Be well. Much love!


Bryan Hall Life Success Coach, Author, Motivational Expert, Spiritual Electrician







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