Wonderfall … A video that you don’t want to miss …

I would like to tell you a little story about the video I am about to share with you.

Recently, while I was pinning a few of my favorite photos on Pinterest,  I came across a very unique Pinterest account, one that was created by a woman by the name of Luca Gerda László.

As I looked at the wonderful things she has created and shared, I began to realize that she is a woman of many natural talents, and has, in many ways, changed people’s lives through her unbelievable creativity, inspirational art & generosity!

Luca Gerda László is from a small village in County Kerry, in Hungary. At the age of 22 and still a college student, she has explored into her natural gift of inspiring people. She has and will continue to inspire people all over the world with the way she expresses her art, and how deeply it affects others, in the most positive and sentimental way.

As I was looking on her Pinterest account … I found a link to her blog  and decided to check it out … frompankawithlove.blogspot.com. That is where I found some of the most creative designs, art, & ‘the video’ that I am about to share with you!

I began watching the video and as I did I became mesmerized by the way she used her camera and turned a dying-out fire into a masterpiece, a masterpiece beyond words. I then asked my fiance to watch the video with me, and again we were in a hypnotic state of awe! Completely breathless … speechless … to say the least.

I then noticed that she would like anyone who visits her blog, and likes her videos, to share them.

I immediately emailed Luca Gerda László aka ‘Panka’ , and told her how amazed we were with her video, and asked her if she would give me permission to share it with all of my followers & viewers.

Within a day or two, she had emailed me back letting me know that she liked how I inspire people, as she enjoys doing the same, and that she would love for me to share it with all of you! She also allowed me to add my own touch of creativity to the video with my meditative and  inspirational quotes etc.

So … I present this video …  now to you,  and I ask that if you are touched in some way, as I was, that you share this video with your friends & family, and I would love to hear back from you too!

May all of us give many, special thanks to ‘Panka’ with love, for letting us share in her gifts!!!!

Much Love! Be well.

Bryan Hall


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