How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

The one most powerful thing you can do for yourself is …

To change your own limiting beliefs about yourself, others & nature into more positive beliefs and then act in accordance with your new beliefs.

But you are asking yourself … how?

How do I change the beliefs that were instilled upon me since I was a child, throughout my youth and into my adulthood?

The answer and resolution to this is not magic, nor does it change over night. But it is possible, and I will show you how right now!

The thoughts, ideas and beliefs that were instilled upon us,
were done so over many, many years. But the good news is …
we can change those thoughts, beliefs and ideas, to that of our own, in just a few weeks’ time, with incredible power & results, through patience, effort and consistency.

We were programmed from a very young age to think that things are only black or white (where is the gray?).
We were corrected on what we did wrong instead of being praised for what we did right!

Many of us were taught that ‘we should save and hold onto our money’, as we ‘will need it someday’ … not that we should share our wealth with others and feel the amazing gratification that comes from doing so. And, for that matter, we were programmed that ‘money is bad/evil’ (which is a whole other issue).

We were programmed to feel ashamed when failed, not encouraged to know that when we fail or make mistakes that we learn and grow from them.

Although we were not all programmed the exact same way … negative programming is what has caused deep-rooted, self-esteem issues. It has caused our subconscious minds to fear many things including the unknown, change, death, love, wealth, abundance, emotion, trust and relationships.

Almost everyone has been instilled at some point, with some kinds of negative thoughts or ideas that they have held onto.
Although the thoughts or ideas  may be different from others, the same concept holds true for many …

How can I change the thought process that I was programmed with, so that I can be more positive and productive in my life now?

The step by step process below will help guide you in the beginning stage of transforming your existing subconscious mind, and all that has already been programmed, into one that is more positive & enlightened … One that is not so critical of you! It will show you that you are the one in control of your thoughts and feelings and by re-training your thoughts, you can change your life … starting today!

Steps To Change Your Thought Process  …
Changing Your Programming So You Can Be Who You Want To Be

Step 1:  The first step in changing your subconscious programming from where it is now to where you want it to be, is first deciding what it is that you want or need to change about yourself, your thinking or your actions …

Is it the way you think about yourself?
Is it how you let others influence your decisions or your life?
Is it your negative attitude toward others, nature or your reality?

Step 2:  Write down the one most important thing you would like to change about yourself, starting today… right now.

Step 3:  Now, close your eyes and think about how you would feel if you had already succeeded in changing that one thing about yourself.
How do you feel?
What’s the best part of your new change … your looks, the way you act, the way your feel, how you see yourself?
Visualizing the new you, and how it good it makes you feel to experience such greatness, is the first step in transforming the old you, into the new you!

Step 4:  The next thing I would like you to do is write down how you just felt … everything … every emotion, every thought, every feeling … write it all down. By doing this, you are physically connecting to the emotions that you just felt and experienced. By writing this down, it will be easier to pull from these emotions again & again as you repeat this daily. Repetition is the key.

Step 5: I would now like you to say out loud, what it was you wanted to change in present form, as if the change has already
happened …
For example:  In step 2, you wrote what you wanted to change about yourself, ie … “I want to change the negative way I think about myself. I am very self-critical and I want to change that for myself, and for the positive effects doing so will have on those nearest and dearest to me!”

Now, say out loud, for example … “I am a beautiful person. I am good & honest. I am trustworthy, a positive thinker and a loving human being.”

Then, add this to the ending of whatever you answered above: “I truly & completely love and forgive myself.” and repeat: “I truly & completely love and forgive myself.”  One more time … “I truly & completely love and forgive myself.”

Step 6:  Now repeat out loud everything you have said above …

Example … “I am a beautiful person. I am good & honest. I am trustworthy, a positive thinker and a loving human being. I truly & completely love and forgive myself.”
You may repeat this how ever many times you would like. The more times you repeat an affirmation, the more likely your subconscious will start to hear, listen and understand what you are saying to it. To get an even greater realization of what you are saying, try doing this in front of  a mirror. Repeating your positive affirmation as you looking into your own eyes can be very beneficial!

Step 7:  Write down your new, complete affirmation and while doing this repeat it again out loud.
You have just made another physical connection to your emotions & your subconscious mind about who you really are!

Congratulations!! You have taken the first steps to a greater you!

Please continue to do step 3-7 on a daily basis. The best time to do this is when you first wake up, as your subconscious mind is still in an alpha state of consciousness (when in an alpha state your ego or wakeful/conscious mind is more ‘out of the way’, & your subconscious is more likely to be receptive to your affirmations)  or before you go to bed, as at this time, your subconscious is more likely to be receptive to whatever messages you are telling it and can better assist you in working out any other issues that you may have while you are asleep).

May This Be What You Were Looking For Today …

Much Love! Be well.


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