Being The Ripple Effect In 2013

As the new year approaches, we begin to realize that we are now starting another new chapter in our life.

Most of us want our new chapter of our life to be filled with an abundance of Love, Prosperity, Wealth, Peace, Joy and Happiness.personal-development

The question then gets down to ‘How’ to get all of that in our life?
We know we want it and we have heard many, many different stories on how to achieve this … yet we still don’t have everything we want and need in our life.

So, how can you get all the prosperity, wealth, love, peace, joy and happiness that you so long to have …

I’m going to tell you … right now … right here … no gimics … no fees … nothing except the truth … all for FREE!

How can I do that?

Why am I not charging you for all the life-changing information I am about to reveal to you … like the other people do?

I’m not because I truly believe you deserve to know how to change your life for the better.

But why for free? …

Well that’s easy …

First of all not everyone is sitting on a gold mine just waiting to throw their hard-earned money around

and …

If I can have a positive impact on just one person’s life for the better, than that will then create a ‘Ripple Effect’. ripplesThat one person’s new thoughts, words and actions will affect each person they come into contact with. If that one person acts nicer to someone, feels happier and more abundant in their own life … that projects onto the people around that one person … therefore, creating the ‘Ripple Effect’ that I am talking about.

Imagine this … close your eyes and imagine yourself deep within the forest. Everything is bright and vivid with color. The trees are a brilliant green, there are yellow, blue and pink wildflowers blooming everywhere.

It is peaceful and calm.

The birds are singing and you are just standing there listening, watching and loving the peacefulness and serenity of it all.

You slowly turn, and in the distance, you see a small clearing … You slowly walk closer and closer to the clearing, wondering what is beyond it. As you approach … you see the most amazing sight you have ever seen.

There is a beautiful, still pond surrounded by blooming wildflowers … with colors so magnificent,  it’s hard to take in all of their beauty. The birds are sitting perched on the branches of the trees, singing the most lovely song you have ever heard.

You are so relaxed and in touch with all that is surrounding you, your mind begins to wander, forgetting all your worries. It is just you and nature right now. You have nothing but time … you find yourself lost in the comfort  of life.

As you look around you notice a small, gray pebble at your feet … you pick it up and feel its smooth surface as you roll it back and forth between your fingers. Now take your small, gray pebble and toss it  into the magnificent, still pond. As you do this, notice that as the pebble touches the water … it creates a ripple of circular waves, each one getting bigger and bigger as it extends out. Watch them as they keep going until they eventually fade out.

You have just created the beginning of the ripple effect.

As you (the pebble) touched the water (others around you), you created a ripple effecting everyone and everything around you.

It all begins with you.

How do you feel right now?

Are you relaxed and calm?


Are you anxious to keep moving on … to get on to the next thing?

Take a moment … listen to yourself … what is your mind, body and subconscious trying to tell you?

If you are still and calm you can  listen and … you will hear.

What we have just done was a form of meditation.
A lot of times when people hear the word ‘Meditate’ or ‘Meditation’ they get scared … they think meditating  is something that they cannot do.

Well, if you are one of these people who thought you could never meditate .. you just did, so Congratulations!!

If you are someone who meditates regularly … I hope you enjoyed it as well!

Meditation can be very simple, like what you have just done. There are no right or wrong ways to meditate. It’s about finding your own way … that is comfortable for you!

So why do this?

How does this affect my abundance, prosperity and wealth that I want in my life?

My  job as a Spiritual Electrician & Coach is to first teach you how to slow down. That is the first step in bringing more abundance into your life … It begins there. If you never take time to slow your mind and body and you constantly move from one task to another, or one job to the next, then your subconscious mind never has a chance to help you create what you really want out of life.

As a life coach, I teach you one-on-one ways to slow your mind and body just enough so that you are able to create the life you truly seek and desire. The life you dream of is not far away!

My passion is to facilitate growth and change within you, so that you can be more powerful in your own life, in creating the life that you want.

For instance …

* The Job of Your Dreams

* A Loving Soul Mate

* A Wonderful Family & Children

* A Loving Marriage

I can teach you how to be free of feelings of negativity such as …

* Fear of Loss

* Fear of Rejection

* Fear of Commitment

* Fear of the Unknown or Truth

* Fear of Claiming and Living Your Birthright of Prosperity, Abundance, Happiness, Peace …

Whatever your reason for being here right now … I can help you move forward into a new and better, next chapter of your life.

As I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason. That reason, big or small, is what we need to understand and believe that, whatever the reason, there is something to be learned from every experience, everything that occurs in our lives, everything we manifest into our realities (consciously and sub-consciously).

For instance, it is not by chance that you are reading this right now … there is a reason you are here … there is a higher source that directed you or brought you to my article today. Maybe because there is something here that you are going to learn or gain from.

It could be that you learn a new way to look at life and the things that happen.

Maybe you are suppose to learn that it’s okay to slow down, and everything around you will still be there waiting for you?

Whatever the reason, be sure of this: You are here, reading this right now, in this very moment for a reason … and I am glad that you are.

I’m not here to sell you anything or to convince you that you should hire me as your personal coach. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve surely realized that I don’t use this form of media for self-promotion. What I’m here for is to help guide you here and now into the direction you would like to go.

That direction is whatever you choose. It’s not up to anyone but you to make the changes you would like in your new life. You own yourself and you are in control of your mind and body.

How is it doing?

Have you felt yourself slowing down at all while reading this?

Did you feel a sense of happiness?

Do you feel a sense of contentment?

The place where these feelings come from, deep inside yourself, is the same place where you can make the changes in your life possible. You just need to slow down more often and take yourself to that place … and be calm … and listen to yourself. What is your mind and body telling you?

This is my calling in life .. to help people just like you find ways to access that deeper part within you that controls your happiness, your abundance, your joy and your prosperity.

If I can do that for you … we can then take things to the next level.

The next level is permanently changing your old ways of thinking into your new improved ways of thinking. Whether it is negative thinking that needs to be changed, or the fears of loss, commitment or others … we can change it … overcome it … and move into a new better, more peaceful, prosperous and abundant life!

We all face challenges everyday, but it is how we handle them and how we cope that really matters.

I do want to let everyone know that I am starting a new Life Lessons Course, created as a private membership site, called ‘AWAKEN U’ . It is designed to help with anything and everything in your daily life. It encompasses step-by-step guidance to a new and better, more spiritually aware and awakened YOU!

Here is an example of just a couple of the Weekly Lessons …

* How To Relieve Stress

* Self-Empowerment Skills & Tools

* Releasing Your Fears

* Raising Your Vibration

* Keys To Awakening

It will also include teaching videos and how-to videos such as …

* Guided Meditation

* How To Have A More Abundant Life

* How To Create The Life You Want

I will personally guide you through gaining more confidence in any area of your life, releasing fears, creating the abundance you desire and so much more! You will receive a monthly newsletter including new ideas, new techniques and new strategies developed just for you. It will also include motivational quotes and personal guidance from me as well as others I’ve hand-picked for you.

With my Life Lessons you will have exclusive access to the members-only AWAKEN U private blog & forum, where you can submit questions, thoughts and feedback … best of all, it’s private … members only access!

You’ll have access to all of my step-by-step guided videos, my mini e-books (members only – will not be published), weekly lessons and exercises, special blog posts for members only, and MUCH more!

This whole idea was created on the idea of the ‘Ripple Effect’ … helping change your life will not only affect you but everyone you touch and on and on. In the end … creating a better, happier and more peaceful world for all of us to be a part of.

As I know in this economy we do not all have a lot of money to invest into things, but for a tiny fee … less than the cost of 1 pizza … you could be a part of a group that is ready for a change … a better future … a more abundant and prosperous life. All of this from the guidance of a Personal Success Coach for less than $15 a month rather than $300-$500 an hour!

Are you ready to be part of the change?

The AWAKEN U website will be ready very soon, but I would love to know if you would be interested in getting started with me on this incredible life-changing journey!

If so, please let me know as there will only be a limited number of students accepted into the  AWAKEN U private membership site due to the personal guidance, time, and energy involved.  If you are interested, please send me an email to let me know, and I will notify you as soon as the doors are open! (There is absolutely no spam email & your email will Never be sold or re-used for any other purpose).

Until Next Time …

Much Love. Stay Safe. Be well.

In Peace & Light:


Peak Performance Peak LIFE! PS. I would love for you to get some more insight on what I have to offer as a Coach and an  Author.
My first book, Peak Performance … Peak Life, is available here.

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But, hurry …. the time for change is now!

The only fee associated with my membership site is to cover the cost of hosting and maintenance of the website.


True Spirit Of Christmas

 “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of  Christmas.”

– Calvin Coolidge

ChRiStMaS jOy

Today, as we enter December, a brand new month for brand new beginnings, we sometimes find that we get a little (or a lot) anxious about the upcoming holiday. When we think about buying gifts for everyone, putting up all of the holiday decor, etc, we sometimes tend to get overwhelmed … and to lose our perspective as well.

But what if we could change any and/or all of these anxieties into good, true, heart-warming feelings? Would you say, “I would love to _____________, but how can I do that when there is so much to do, buy, and prepare for”?

Well, that is what today’s post is about. It’s about getting into the holiday spirit without the worries, fears, or anxieties. It’s about realizing what our lives are really about.

It’s about figuring out where our true spirit comes from.

It’s about giving without worry or pressure of spending everything you have.

It’s about the happiness that resides deep within you and how you can bring that feeling closer to your heart, mind, and soul.

It’s about finding out within yourself what you believe Christmas is really about.

Christmas is neither a time nor a season … but rather a state of mind.

It’s a time to love, to cherish, and to have peace within ourselves.


To spread joy to others by what you say or do. To make someone smile whether it be a friend or a stranger … that is a real gift!

Sharing memories with your parents, children, loved ones, and friends. That is how you will enlighten your soul and theirs as well.

Picking up the phone to call an old friend and telling them what you miss about them being in your life … that is what warms your heart and theirs.

This is a time to make the hot chocolate your mom and grandma used to make for you, and share it with your children, as if time is standing still.


Be in the moment … sit alone quietly and be still, listen to your self, what your subconscious mind is telling you right now in this very moment.

Love, peace, and joy should not be shared only once a year. Celebrating is not something that requires a holiday! It can be done every day … it only depends on how you choose to look at it and then how to do it!

Putting a burden on yourself to buy expensive gifts, making sure everything is as perfect as possible, is not the true Christmas spirit. Who needs that kind of stress these days, seriously?

Let yourself be open to giving and receiving love. Be open to sharing laughter with the ones you love and to do something special for a stranger.

Feel the warmth in your heart as you do this. Can you feel your heart swell with Love?

That feeling you get doesn’t have to come only once a year. Make it last … keep sharing your love and happiness, and as you do, you will see that Christmas is a holiday but what your heart is celebrating is Life, Love, and Happiness.

And THAT, my friend, is not a holiday nor a season, but rather, a state of mind … Merry Christmas!

Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace and Light:


Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know …


Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.


True determination resides within oneself.
To change your life, you must first change your ideas and thoughts.
Hold on to your dreams … they are yours and yours to be fulfilled.
Thank you to Evan Sanders, for this Great Article!

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When I was in kindergarten, there was this girl I had a crush on. I knew she liked me because she used to chase me around the playground. We used to play kickball and of course, as you can imagine, kindergarten romance involved “koodies” and plenty of teasing when it came to the opposite gender. I remember one day we were sitting down outside of class against the wall waiting for our parents to come and all of the sudden–she kissed me on the cheek. Woah!

Two days later, she pushed me into a rose bush that was the king of all rose bushes. I actually fell completely into this thing and was sitting there in pure pain. After pulling myself out, I had to go home because my cuts and scrapes were so bad. This is not a story about romance–although I found out at a very young…

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Holstee Manifesto

"The Holstee Manifesto" - How to live your life

Thank you for sharing this Amazing video with us!

Today will never come again.

Today will never come again. Be a blessing.
Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care.
Let your words heal, and not wound.