True Spirit Of Christmas

 “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of  Christmas.”

– Calvin Coolidge

ChRiStMaS jOy

Today, as we enter December, a brand new month for brand new beginnings, we sometimes find that we get a little (or a lot) anxious about the upcoming holiday. When we think about buying gifts for everyone, putting up all of the holiday decor, etc, we sometimes tend to get overwhelmed … and to lose our perspective as well.

But what if we could change any and/or all of these anxieties into good, true, heart-warming feelings? Would you say, “I would love to _____________, but how can I do that when there is so much to do, buy, and prepare for”?

Well, that is what today’s post is about. It’s about getting into the holiday spirit without the worries, fears, or anxieties. It’s about realizing what our lives are really about.

It’s about figuring out where our true spirit comes from.

It’s about giving without worry or pressure of spending everything you have.

It’s about the happiness that resides deep within you and how you can bring that feeling closer to your heart, mind, and soul.

It’s about finding out within yourself what you believe Christmas is really about.

Christmas is neither a time nor a season … but rather a state of mind.

It’s a time to love, to cherish, and to have peace within ourselves.


To spread joy to others by what you say or do. To make someone smile whether it be a friend or a stranger … that is a real gift!

Sharing memories with your parents, children, loved ones, and friends. That is how you will enlighten your soul and theirs as well.

Picking up the phone to call an old friend and telling them what you miss about them being in your life … that is what warms your heart and theirs.

This is a time to make the hot chocolate your mom and grandma used to make for you, and share it with your children, as if time is standing still.


Be in the moment … sit alone quietly and be still, listen to your self, what your subconscious mind is telling you right now in this very moment.

Love, peace, and joy should not be shared only once a year. Celebrating is not something that requires a holiday! It can be done every day … it only depends on how you choose to look at it and then how to do it!

Putting a burden on yourself to buy expensive gifts, making sure everything is as perfect as possible, is not the true Christmas spirit. Who needs that kind of stress these days, seriously?

Let yourself be open to giving and receiving love. Be open to sharing laughter with the ones you love and to do something special for a stranger.

Feel the warmth in your heart as you do this. Can you feel your heart swell with Love?

That feeling you get doesn’t have to come only once a year. Make it last … keep sharing your love and happiness, and as you do, you will see that Christmas is a holiday but what your heart is celebrating is Life, Love, and Happiness.

And THAT, my friend, is not a holiday nor a season, but rather, a state of mind … Merry Christmas!

Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace and Light:



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