‘Just The Right Time’ …


Have you ever wondered what a ‘Spiritual Electrician’, ‘Motivational-Coach’ & a ‘Light-Worker’ all have in common?

My name is Bryan Hall.

I am

* The author of 2 highly-acclaimed ebooks: Peak Performance … Peak LIFE! and One Question To Success  which are now both now available on Amazon.com. [more here]

* A Motivational Expert, a title which was granted to me by such wise folks as Dr jl scott, Dr Neil Shearing, Peter Twist, Josh Hinds, Rick Beneteau, Peter Simpson, and others. Fact is, I’ve been on several ‘mastermind councils’ as the ‘resident Motivational Expert’.

* An “intuitive” and Success Coach ‘by trade’, but more-so as a life-calling, I would say. It’s actually more a way of being than doing, and I’m told that this factor has much to do with how I am so intuitively helpful to those who seek my services.

* “Success Coach” is so ‘mainstream’, to me … I prefer to consider myself a Lightworker and “Spiritual Electrician” – helping others to “make the connections”, connect the dots, and awaken the Light within themselves.

* I’ve coached groups, from a network of 5 to a network of 2,500, to become more successful in their given industries.

* I’ve advised and consulted many of the great ‘names’ in the field of Internet Marketing, from Brian Garvin to George Tran (of 1ShoppingCart.com fame), to Mike Merz (IM4Newbies.com, JVNotifyPro.com), and a long list of others … including reviews of pre-launch products by folks like Yanik Silver, Dr Joe Vitale (star of ‘The Secret’ and one of 22 ‘co-authors’ of my 2nd ebook), Rick Beneteau, Josh Hinds, books by Randy Gage, David Riklan of SelfGrowth.com, and others.

* I’ve assisted in the marketing and visibility of start-ups such as Ryan Deiss, The Internet Toy Drive, PeopleBuildingPeople, GoBizGo, the Internet Council of Online Professionals (iCOP), 1ShoppingCart.com, and countless others.

* A firm believer in ‘making an impact, & leaving a positive legacy behind’, and enjoying life to its fullest as long as you’re living it in physical form!

* AND, I’ve coached countless people just like you to become more successful, more at peace, more happy, and more wealthy – in business and in life!

Today, I am here to help you to become the person you have always known (or maybe not known) was inside … the real person you are, the one you wish everyone could see on the outside, radiating from deep within you … the real you!

We have all had negative and not-so-good inner thoughts, within ourselves, that unless brought to the surface, identified and dealt with, can actually hold us back from what we truly love, what we truly want …  from our relationships to our daily life. It can hold us back from becoming and experiencing what life truly has to offer us!

Is there ever ‘Just The Right Time’ to change something in your life?

Everything is very fast-paced, and we go from one task to another without taking a moment to realize that we are just going through ‘the motions’. 

Is there ever ‘Just The Right Time’ to do your house cleaning or tend to the dishes, or to do anything you’ve been raised and conditioned to believe you ‘must do’?

There is always some kind of ‘mind chatter’, that says … “You really should be doing  ______ instead of _______!”

It’s time to get rid of that chatter … once and for all! The fact is, there has never been a better time than now!

Have you ever stopped to think … ‘Do I want more and deserve more from my life, from my relationships, my job,
my spirituality, and myself …?

Good news …  I am here to help you! I will help you transition from the good person you are today, into that ‘Greater Person’ that’s right inside of you! The one that is just waiting to be released!

That person is already there … the one who wants to take time to ‘Stop & Smell The Roses’ without inner guilt or additional mind chatter that tells you, ‘You should be doing something else right now!’

There has never been a better time for ‘change’ than right now, at this very moment! 

You have already been given a gift … you have been guided to this blog, and now a way to change your life!

You now have to take your next leap! Jump into the life you intend to have and know you deserve, not just the life you have been “dreaming of”, or “want to have”. Take control over what is inherently yours, by birthright!

Below is a survey about the things that you would like to change in your life.  After completing the survey, if you would like to get to know me better with a free consultation, to see how I can help you transition into your “true self” … please fill out the contact form and I will get in touch with you!

PS…  There are only 4 openings for new clients until June, as I only take on a limited amount of clients so that I can personally, better serve each of  my clients. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Now is the time!


Complete the following contact form to get in touch and/or to request a free coaching consultation …



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