Suffering In Silence …

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"

“We can cry out to “the other” for assistance as sovereign integrals of the One Creator/God (being “family” and all) or, in hearing such a cry for help, we can elect to participate in “the other’s” aegis as infinitely powerful, eternal, and immortal creator beings!” – Stunned at Sunset, ‘On The Promise You Thought You Understood

Many times – more often than not – Lightworkers ‘suffer in silence’, doing all of the good works we do, anchoring and holding the Light, literally CHANGING the destiny of mankind, yet never (or hardly ever) complaining of ‘not having enough’, and all of this without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

Yet, what we bring to the world is worth ‘all the king’s gold’, so to speak, and, while we are (mostly) not concerned in the least with any ‘reward’ (monetarily speaking), the abundance we promote is equally well-deserved. We…

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