PressTV: US deployed nuke force before Syria crisis

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"



I need to be clear about something that has been questioned of me …

I don’t normally post a lot of articles like this, dealing with the possibility of war, news stories, and so on, as I don’t want my blog to be so much about that. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Jean Haines’ blog for articles like this, as she does a far better job of ‘keeping us in-the-know’ about more of the political, etc issues, which leads to the same goal, ultimately … the awakening of the human collective.

We are living in the most auspicious times humanity has ever known. Not only are the changes – the REVOLUTION of EVOLUTION – we are amidst in these moments foretold by ancient prophecies (and from multiple cultures, unrelated to one another, almost simultaneously telling the same story … which we are living out today!), discussed and explained about by…

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