NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for October 7 – 13, 2013, by Pam Younghans

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"

Via Jean Haines’ 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth, With Love …


Today’s photo: Auroras over Tårneträsk, Kiruna, Sweden on October 2, 2013 (photo by Markus Eriksson, posted on

THE PHOTO at the top of today’s Journal seems especially appropriate as a representation of recent energies — a dark sky with storm clouds lit up by dazzling auroras in soft shades of pink, purple and green.

The skies have definitely felt stormy this past week, as we’ve dealt with the intense energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross. And yet, at times, we’ve had moments of inspiration that allowed us to look beyond the storm clouds to see glimpses of beautiful possibility and potential.

In comparison to last week, the list of aspects for the coming week appears much more subdued, so we may have some breathing room to work with.

OUR NEW WEEK starts off with Venus changing signs, moving from…

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