Bryan Hall - Life Success Coach, Author, Spiritual Electrician, Motivational ExpertIf you’ve read my ebooks or any of my articles (which are  dotting the Internet in various places, and have been since about 1996), you’ve probably read the ‘old version’ of my bio. I’ll allow that to lend itself to this a bit, and provide some up-dated background info as well …

I am …

– A very old soul, I’m told, and am deeply spiritual (not religious; spiritual!)

– The author of 2 highly-acclaimed ebooks: Peak Performance … Peak LIFE! and One Question To Success.

– A “Spiritual Electrician”, who is very intuitive, helping others along their spiritual path in this lifetime.

– The author of The Driving Force newsletter and Coach B TV

– A Motivational Expert, a title which was granted to me by such wise folks as Dr jl scott, Dr Neil Shearing, Peter Twist, Josh Hinds, Rick Beneteau, Peter Simpson, and others. Fact is, I’ve been on several ‘mastermind councils’ as the ‘resident Motivational Expert’.

– A Success Coach ‘by trade’, but more-so as a life-calling, I would say. It’s actually more a way of being than doing, and I’m told that this factor has much to do with how I am so intuitively helpful to those who seek my services.

– I’ve coached ‘groups’, from a network of 5 to a network of 2,500, to become more successful in their given industries.

– I’ve advised and consulted many of the great ‘names’ in the field of Internet Marketing, from Brian Garvin to George Tran (of 1ShoppingCart.com fame), to Mike Merz (IM4Newbies.com, JVNotifyPro.com), and a long list of others … including reviews of pre-launch products by folks like Yanik Silver, Dr Joe Vitale (star of ‘The Secret’ and one of 22 ‘co-authors’ of my 2nd ebook), Rick Beneteau, Josh Hinds, books by Randy Gage, David Riklan of SelfGrowth.com, and others.

– I’ve assisted in the marketing and visibility of start-ups such as Ryan Deiss, The Internet Toy Drive, PeopleBuildingPeople, GoBizGo, the Internet Council of Online Professionals (iCOP), 1ShoppingCart.com, and countless others.

– A firm believer in ‘making an impact, & leaving a positive legacy behind’, and enjoying life to its fullest as long as you’re living it in physical form!

– AND, I’ve coached countless people just like you to become more successful, more at peace, more happy, and more wealthy – in business and in life!

Today, I am …

– Coaching people, from every walk of life … business owners and managers to local/mobile marketers, to Internet Marketers, to just plain ol’ everyday folks who want that ‘what’s missing’ out of life … and to empower themselves to the next level (or a deeper level, whichever applies).

– Co-Founder of The Buzz Mobile Marketing Group.

– Working to create a better world by whatever means possible, including via my coaching services, new articles and books I’m working on, and providing businesses with tools that can help them to be more profitable …

… Because, all-in-all, I’m the type of person who gets the shivers and a tear of joy when I hear of triumph over adversity, profit over loss, and happiness over dis-ease.